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How to Save Money on Car Rentals?

Road trips can be exciting and adventurous. You can explore new destinations with your family and friends in a car. You can opt for car rentals Toronto if you do not own a vehicle and go out for a road trip. By opting for a road trip, you can enjoy a lot of freedom as well as comfort. You can enjoy a lot of flexibility and can explore the offbeat destinations as well.

If you are travelling with family especially with children, then road trips are cost effective and practical. You can travel in comfort and carry the luggage in ease. Read more to come across useful tips which will help you to save money while opting for car rentals Toronto services.

toronto car rentals

Book in Advance

You might come across a better deal if you book well in advance than at the counter. The procedure of booking your car in advance is quick and easy. It is quite tiring to bargain with the rental companies after a long and tiring flight. You should carry all the documents which need to be provided.

You should also carry the documents which state that you have booked the car in advance. You should also carry the proof of rates and hire in order to avoid hassles. You can scan and save the documents in your mail account.

Checking the Prices Frequently

You should make it a point to check the prices of the car rentals Toronto because the prices fluctuate frequently and different companies ask for different rates. The prices might be different on different days of the week. In case you have booked early with no cancellation penalties and the prices have dropped, then you can cancel and book it again.

car rentals toronto

Adjusting the Pick-up and Drop Timings

When you are looking for cheap car rentals Toronto, the pick-up and drop-off timings are in thirty minutes increments. You can try to tweak the timings in order to check whether it has an effect on the rates. Even though weekend rates are cheap, the weekly rates are usually way cheaper. You can read here more on that!

Book the Smallest Vehicle

You should be very careful about the type of vehicle you are choosing. You might be tempted to go for the big cars but you should always select the vehicle on the basis of your need and not wish. You should keep in mind the fuel consumption and the practicalities of the vehicle. You should always select the vehicle in which you can travel comfortably and not be cramped.

Avoid the Airport

Off-airport drop locations are cheaper and hence you can look for close neighborhood locations to save some money. You can also apply this technique in the cities which are well connected with an outstanding network of public transport so that you can easily travel to the airport.

Opt for Unlimited Mileage Options

You should always opt for unlimited mileage options so that you can travel wherever you want. You would not like to be charged by the car rentals Toronto for travelling excess miles. Get more information about driving a rental in Car in Toronto here!

Bulletproof Cars Come In Different Armoring Levels

The world in which one lives is a highly volatile one. No one can tell from before if their travel is going to be a safe one or not. The moment a person steps outside their home, they face a lot of threats. Over the last few decades, it has been seen that the crime rates have increased a lot. The sole reason behind it is the rise of deadly technology and destructive weapons. Hence, in order to keep oneself and their loved one safe from the deadly weapons, traveling in bulletproof cars has become a necessity.


Bulletproof Vehicles


If you want to remain protected from the deadly weapons and other deadly threats of the hostile world, bulletproof vehicles can be a great choice. Basically, when one travels in an armored car, one can remain safe from all kind of assaults like grenade assaults or bullet attacks.

An armored vehicle is able to protect the occupants from any kind of assaults because of its various armoring levels. Basically, a vehicle is armored depending on the level of protection that a user wants. In short, all parts of a car is armored in order to make it bulletproof.

All Body Parts Are Armored

All body parts of bulletproof cars are armored. Right from the body to the tires, engine to the glass is properly armored.

  • The body of a bulletproof vehicle is made of stainless and galvanized steel. The steel is hardened so that it can easily withstand any kind of assaults as well as corrosion and heat.
  • The windows are made of bulletproof glass. Usually thicker glass level is used so that it can prevent piecing of bullets.
  • The bulletproof cars makes uses of composite run flat tires. This ensures that the vehicle can run away safely at a high speed even if the tires get deflated.

In this ever changing world, one gets to see vehicles of important persons being attacked or sabotaged by antisocial elements. The facts are highly alarming and in order to avoid being a soft target, one can turn their vehicle into an armored one. For this they need to ensure the vehicle has got high level of ballistic protection.

Four Levels of Ballistic Protection

Usually, four level of ballistic protection are used for making bulletproof cars. They are

  • B4 – It can provide protection from handgun and pistol protection.
  • B6+ – It can provide protection from high-end rifles.
  • B7 – It is suitable for armor piercing rifle protection.
  • B7 Multi shot – It is ideal for protecting against extra armor piercing rifle protection

Ballistic protection refers to the extent a car’s body need to be armored. In fact, the different level of ballistic standards or armoring level can range from lower level to higher level of protection. Hence, the higher the level of armoring of bulletproof cars, higher is the protection.

Previously, a ballistic fiber was used in order to provide protection against pistol shots. Now with the various deadly ammunitions, simple body armoring is not enough. Only high level of armoring can protect one from being the target of serious assaults